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5 Steps to Master Competitor Analysis for Better SEO and Keyword Research


Top digital marketing agencies in India  are trying to explain to potential customers few terms Keyword position,  search volume, competitor analysis, quality back links, domain authority, Page authority, impression and budget in Search engine marketing.

With this segment, we’ll explore how to perform competitive research in order to formulate a clear, realistic, and cohesive search engine optimization strategy.

What are the importance and steps of keyword research and competitive analysis that go hand in hand? What is the barrier to entry into my industry? What are terms that my company can realistically rank for, and how long will it take? Let’s find out:

1. Researching the right keyword

The first step to get started with is identifying the keywords that your site can REALISTICALLY target. For this segment, we’ll use “jewelry” as an example. Unless you have the brand authority or budget to compete with larger companies in the market, the possibility of ranking for the keyword “jewelry” for any small or medium business is practically low.

Instead, your first goal is to find a viable niche within this competitive industry that is achievable with the help of the best SEO marketing companies in India Mind Mapping is a great tool to organize your keyword concepts and buckets.

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2. Working on listing your top competitors

Once you have your keyword list, type those terms into Google and write down the sites that show up in the top 10. Often you’ll see the same sites appearing again and again. You’ll want to identify the sites that rank for many keywords in that niche and add them to your list of competitors.

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3. Analysing your competitors

Now that you know who your competitors are, you need to dive deep into the profile. You can start by grabbing general metrics for them. The Leading social media marketing companies can serve you with some of the finest tools that can be used to get the general metrics for each competitor, including Domain Authority, Inbound Links, Social Shares, Domain Age, and much more.

4. Social media and content audit

Now that you have an understanding of who your competitors are and their backlink profiles, you’ll need to research their content marketing and social media strategy with the help of the best digital marketing agencies

Evaluate their blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts. This will help you determine how active you need to be in terms of creating and sharing content, and also determine your first targets in terms of follower acquisition and engagement ratio.

5. Know your entry point and work out the strategy

Once you have a thorough understanding of your competitors, you can create your strategy based on the averages from the data you uncovered. First, you’ll want to know how many links you’ll need to acquire, and the quality of those links, to start showing up in the search results. Of course, this will be based on the averages of the sites ranking for the keywords you chose. It’s important to avoid keywords that have a strong presence on sites with massive domain authority, as mentioned above. These domains are tough to beat as they tend to be highly trusted and rewarded by Google. If you are finding it difficult to get results in Search engine optimization and are confused about Keyword Research, we are here to help you.

We are the Repute digital business agency our experts in competitor analysis to formulate winning SEO strategies. A thorough competitor analysis that we do makes us stand out from other leading digital marketing agencies.

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