Top 10 Social Media Marketing Strategies for Brand Visibility in 2023

Top 10 Social Media Strategy to increase your Company Brand Visibility & Sale/Conversion?


Social media can help you to improve your Company’s brand visibility and increase your revenue. An appropriate social media marketing strategy is important to successfully generate leads and conversion of leads into sales. In this article, you will get to know the top 10 social media strategies that can bring more revenue to your company.

How can social media improve brand visibility?

Social media is a powerful medium nowadays for marketing. All social media platforms have their own database which has enormous and targeted data of different types of customers. For example, the audience who are interested in cosmetics, education, lifestyle, etc are segregated by the social media platforms. So, when you properly strategize your Social Media Marketing (SMM) you can easily reach the target audience and increase your brand visibility.

What are the top 10 Social Media Strategies to Increase your Company’s Brand Visibility & Sale/Conversion?

Social media marketing strategies can help you a lot to increase your company’s brand visibility and increase your sales. The top 10 social media strategies are listed below.

  1. Develop your brand persona
  2. Research about your competitors on social media
  3. Choose the appropriate social media platform
  4. Be active in social media 
  5. Your content quality speaks more in the social media
  6. Brand Influencer Campaigns
  7. Social Media Advertising
  8. Interact with your customers directly via social media
  9. Give discounts & offers regularly
  10. Conduct social media contests

The top 10 social media strategies are explained below:

1. Develop your brand persona

Before entering into any type of marketing you must properly define and develop your brand persona. This applies to social media too. You should do market research to find out your target audience, their age, and preferences. When you target the audience and properly define the brand persona then social media marketing becomes very easy. 

2. Research about our competitors on social media

Take a list of your competitors. Research about what your competitors are doing on social media, note down their strategies followed, Ads placed, etc. This helps you to get an insight into what you should do for your brand and how you should proceed with your social media marketing. 

3. Choose the appropriate social media platform

There are many social media platforms available now. The kind of audience who use these social media platforms differs. When you find out your target audience and brand persona it will be easy to choose the social media platform. 

Research about the social media platforms and understand which platform has more reach to your customer. Choose the right social media platform and apply your social media marketing strategies there. This will help you to invest less and gain more customers decreasing your Cost Per Conversion rate.

4. Be active in the social media 

Just starting with social media marketing is alone not enough. You should be consistent and actively post on your social media. Follow up with the trends and keep updated or you will lose in the social media marketing race. 

One thing that’s trending today in social media becomes irrelevant tomorrow. So, you need to follow the trend and strategize your social media marketing accordingly.

5. Your content quality speaks more in the social media 

The content you post on social media should be of high quality and interesting. The audience should get excited to see your social media posts. Make it interesting via designs and words. Give delight to the eyes of your customers by designing your posts with good colours, animations, GIFs, etc. Create contents that can go viral.

Avoid speaking about politics and religion unless your business is related to those subjects. Audiences find it irritating to find those contents. Sometimes the social media platforms may also block posts that are related to politics following their terms and conditions. So, beware of it.

6. Brand Influencer Campaigns

Another social media marketing strategy that can give a good reach to your company’s brand is Influencer marketing. Research and shortlist the Influencers on social media who are related to your brand. 

Approach them to do marketing for your brand. Influencers post about your products and business on their social media accounts which can reach millions instantly. This increases your brand visibility and can also increase your sales.

7. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is another way to increase your brand awareness via social media. Target the audience before placing your Ads. While placing your Ads select the targeted audience properly and then place your Ad. 

You can make different Ads targeting different sets of audiences. Social media advertising costs less than advertising in print media and television but can reach the targeted audience properly. The cost per conversion in social media advertising is less.

8. Interact with your customers directly via social media 

Interaction with your customers becomes easy via social media. You can easily solve customer grievances via social media. You can interact with your customers via messages, posts, ask questions via polls, etc. In social media marketing, it is important that you keep your audiences engaged enjoyably. This increases the good impression of your brand among the audience which in turn be converted into sales.

9. Give discounts & offers regularly

To increase sales via social media it is important that you give discounts and offers regularly. Customers tend to buy a product when it is at a discounted price. Run social media Ads informing about the limited discounts and offers available for your products. Periodically giving offers can increase your sales manifold. Customer retention is also increased.

10. Conduct social media contests 

You can conduct interesting contests related to your brand on social media. Examples of some contests are creative video contests, Like/Share/Comment to win, Follow to win, Tag a friend, etc. 

You should give some rewards to the audience for these contests you conduct. The rewards can be in the form of cash prizes or free giveaways. Once the contest is complete, post the details about the winners also on your social media page. 

Conducting contests can increase customer engagement. This can also increase your brand image and increase your sales. Customers tend to promote your brand via word-of-mouth marketing which means marketing to your brand is done by your customers themselves at free of cost. 

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