Today’s Architectural Field & its Impact on Nation

Today’s Architectural Field & its Impacts on Nation


People are privileged to be in the space they want. We are an evolved species, and we struggle to understand what we need, and what we want, and the fundamental role of architecture is to provide space for function. Each function of the structure, i.e. Government buildings, public buildings, institutions, etc. should be placed in one space. Each space has its value and existing meaning. Architecture can control the effectiveness of structure and ensure that structure is built according to requirements and in relation to context.

Why do We Need Architects?

This is a very simple example of how the influence of small structures plays an important role from a microclimate point of view. This means you cannot see the sunrise or sunset from your patio, nor can you see it from your home. But there are many criteria for how architecture can greatly affect us. For this reason, we need professionals to design the structure according to the situation and maintain the positive or negative impact of the structure on the environment.

Technically, the way we breathe, the way we work, and the way we travel, have a huge impact on the planet. It would be very naive to say that architecture does not play an important role in building civilizations, nations, and worlds.

  1. Architects design the built environment of every society. They provide her with one of mankind’s most important needs: protection. A society’s stability depends on the welfare, safety, and efficiency of its shelters.

  2. Architects ensure that these requirements are met. Architects are visionary. They take note of the mistakes they made in previous structures, improve them and create new and better structures. They offer constructive solutions to current and foreseeable problems.

  3. Architects are custodians who work to preserve, restore and nurture a nation’s heritage and culture. Architects are environmentalists who make a conscious effort to design and build structures with care so as not to harm the environment and nature.

Architecture Vs Development of a Nation:

The word ‘koku-tsukuri’ means the development of a country. There are various factors that affect the construction of a country. Culture, tourism, politics, infrastructure, information technology, industrialization, the layman’s eye, architecture may look like the façade of a nation, but more than that, nation-building is a team game and everything is connected.

In the process of improving the economy, even after the building is completed, if it is a building that will take months or years to construct, if it is symbolic or well-designed, such as a museum/cultural center, Just imagine how many jobs could be created and have a huge impact on the tourism industry. And this cycle of behavior continues endlessly.

Whenever a structure is built, there are ramifications of that structure that affect the location of the structure, the community, the economy, the nation, the environment, and especially the climate.

Ever wondered why this happens? Whenever you travel to a big city like Delhi or Bombay you feel moved because of its history and even feel that the streets and structures tell stories. For this reason, we are always drawn to the heritage and history of the city. Because this heritage tells a story that affects you and all these structures have a huge impact on these cities.

For example, Bombay’s Victoria Terminal, Agra’s Taj Mahal, Lutyens, etc. ‘ Delhi, Old Delhi. Undoubtedly, all travel from one place to another to see these aesthetic, iconic, and monumental buildings boost the economy, creating tourism that helps the economy build a nation. The Bilbao Effect from case studies such as Dubai, it is easy to understand that nation-building is a collaborative effort, and proper preparatory work and background planning are required to build a successful nation where architecture plays a key role.


As the line says, “We don’t live in a natural environment, we live in a constructed environment.” Do you also want to contribute to this constructed environment? Then start by pursuing your degree in bachelor’s of planning colleges or start designing classes online.

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