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How To Upgrade your Digital Marketing for 2023?


The year 2022 saw a gain of 93 million more mobile phone users. That’s 93 million more potential customers who may be using their smartphones to search for and buy products online. So when are you planning to pace with the digital marketing trends 2023 to put your brand in the palm of their hand? Let’s talk about the fields you should be focusing your marketing efforts in 2023.

The digital revolution hasn’t quite reached its peak yet. It keeps witnessing the change with the latest ways to reach its audience. So, where is digital marketing heading in 2023? We’ll be talking about the trends in digital marketing in 2023 with this segment.

1. Videos have great potential

Video content marketing is the fastest-growing form of content marketing strategy top digital marketing agencies in India suggest to have strong video content to reach more people. From short videos gained more traction compared  to previous years. Videos appeal to humans more compared to images, illustrations, and far better than written content. 

With so much content available to look onto, scrolling through a quick info video is preferred over a long article. Surveys suggested that 84% of people have been convinced to buy the offered products or services post watching a brand’s video.

2. Indulge in multi-channel marketing

Ask any user and they will say that they look for convenience and accessibility. They want to be able to interact with a brand wherever they are — at home or on the go, and any device. This implies that your marketing needs to reach them on frequently visited channels and hence you should invest in multi-channel customer support.

Repute digital business agency one of the Leading SEO service provider in Coimbatore suggests the same that by using multi-channel marketing, brands were able to retain up to 89% of their customers compared to the ones who didn’t since their number turned out to be only 33%. The top 3 customer communication channels you should look for are phone, email and online self-service.

3. Conversational marketing

If you are unaware of it then this is the new buzzword in the marketing world. In many respects, it’s not new. Many brands have been engaging in conversations with their customers for years. One is Social Media marketing and  live chat is another. 

As a matter of fact, live chat’s success pushed conversational marketing into the spotlight. In simpler words, it is about interacting with your customer at their convenience. Such as a live chat on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or one such type of communication channel suggested by most of  trusted digital marketing agencies in India.

4. Data-driven marketing

One thing about successful marketers is that they process their data in such a way that it can provide the customers with the answers they were looking for. That is why brands are looking to gather more data than ever before. This gives you access to an incredible amount of consumer insights that can be used to direct business strategies. It is present conveniently if it is conveyed through the right systems and marketing experts to process the data. 

Studying marketing metrics allowed one of the most sought-after skills in the world of digital marketing.

5. Old school marketing

Many marketers know how powerful emotions are in marketing and that is why they look to pinpoint the same. Conveying feelings of joy, freedom, pride, and even anger, for instance, can be very effective at swaying customers. 

Another thing to learn is that advertising can bring the feelings of old times. Old school feelings can be provoked using images, pop culture references or music from the past that stirs up sentimental feelings. 

Top digital marketing companies in India are helping business to upgrade digital marketing strategies on demand. The result driven digital marketing experts will understand your marketing goals and formulate proper digital marketing strategies that suite for your business growth. Repute digital business agency one of leading digital marketing agency in India providing below service for various Industries.

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