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10 Instagram Story Ideas To Give Your Content Some Personality


Marketers considering Instagram stories as one of the video marketing campaigns. Due to how people are evolving with the social media and technology. Instagram stories makes the business and people to follow the trend of posting a behind the scene videos, live breaks the use of feed options. It clearly increases brand recognition and paves way to try different marketing techniques. The casual sharing leading to engagement is proven as more than one billion monthly users watch stories on daily basis.

10 Creative Instagram Stories You Should Try for Your Business:

Choosing the ideal Instagram Story for your company can seem like a terrible idea.

It may be the reason why you can find social media marketing agencies. As most people know how to invest in the business but may have a problem reaching customers.

However, to save time and money, here are the lists of Instagram story ideas that have been shown to increase followers and reach niche audiences. 

1.   Content as a series:

Instagram Stories is the ideal platform to share a content series idea.

This may be a collection of recipes, a step-by-step guide for your company, or just about anything else. Making your content sequential will increase engagement over time, regardless of the subject.

Your loyal customers or their followers can revisit these content series when you place them in permanent highlights.

2.   Answer and Ask Questions

Increase engagement by utilising a question-and-answer feature that is related to your brand/business. 

The “ask me anything” stickers on Instagram stories offer direct channel for communicating with followers who are interested in your products or services or a specific topic. With interesting and entertaining videos or information, respond to their questions. 

This ask-questions function may be used in two different ways. 

  • Publish an IG story as an answer sticker 
  • Ask your audience and followers to leave comments.

It features creates a win-win situation in which followers learn about your brand or business and you can gain interaction.

3. Customer spotlight

With Instagram Stories posts consumer reviews, insights about the brands, products, or services, and how the company has an impact on their lives can have great attention. 

The brands can use these as a tool to highlight consumer reviews about the brand in a video or image. 

Loyal customers of your brand may get more involved and consider the company as a result of this exposure. Using an Instagram story to gain your audience’s trust can be a wise idea.

The reason for giving loyal customers control over business IG stories is that customers are more likely to listen to their friends than to brands.

4. Say thank you to followers

Brands and businesses can express their love towards their customers through thanks messages via IG stories.

Post or share Stories or posts that mention or feature your business, your product, or someone utilizing your product/services. And they don’t all have to be Instagram postings.

Celebrating follower milestones is a simple method to produce stories if you’re seeking fresh content ideas for your Stories. Loyal customers/ friends will frequently be pleased with your sudden accomplishment.

You may even receive comments from people complimenting you on your increased number of followers. Also, it really is a fantastic approach to offer brand awareness to keep your fans interested.

Giving people credit for following you demonstrates thanks and appreciation as well.

5. Repurpose old content

Repurposing content is becoming more and more popular on Instagram.

Repurposing content or videos is done to draw in viewers and encourage sharing, as Instagram is another platform where users spend a lot of time. You can use some interesting trends for your brands or business, such as:

  • Create carousels for Instagram. The long-form content you developed for other channels should be shared using carousels. It functions as a teaser for original content and may increase views. Post this as a new carousel in your Instagram story later.
  • Resize a video to make it compatible with IGTV. Considering that the majority of consumers enjoy viewing videos. This video preview can be added to your Instagram story.
  • Don’t forget to mention your customers when they’re available to you in any of your social media channels. You may make an infographic with your brand’s style or capture a screenshot of your greatest tweets and design your instagram stories. 

6. Share coupon code/link/ deals/ discounts

Instagram stories help the business and their loyal customers make use of special and time-limited deals and discounts.

 And, the other technique of sharing a coupon code and a link to the product or service will provide followers with a very simple way to get a discount.

The result of this kind of IG story may raise the number of followers or attract new customers who genuinely wish to use your goods and services.

Also, marketers adhere to the idea that scarcity sells.

7. Promote a product/ blog/ IG post:

Launch a quick promo video as a Story to showcase your most recent Instagram posts, product and blog contents.

Also, promote your forthcoming Instagram live events with Instagram stories. It can increase views on your IG live streams and is a terrific method for your followers to keep on the watch for you.

Second, you can publish the follow-up queries after the stream to encourage discussion with the viewers who participated in the live session.

8. Polls and Quizzes

Make use of “poll” stickers of Instagram to create an IG story like multi-choice answers to the questions.

This makes it easier for users to respond to your post by simply clicking a button rather than entering a message.

Instead of asking an open-ended question, consider conducting a poll or a quiz sticker to help your audience with the answers.

9. Countdown for upcoming releases:

Instagram Stories may be used to create excitement for a launch or upcoming promotion of a sub branch, new releases or new product or services by posting a countdown sticker.

You can create excitement that something important is about to appear on your page, whether you’re announcing a new product or sharing some major news with your audience.

10. Host a contest:

Contests are a great method to increase engagement. Encourage your followers to check out the post, and you can get their ideas that assist to level up your brand.

The purpose is that you can find the skilful person and also get more engagement on your page.

Plan the programmes and choose a winner who deserves it.

And you can add announcements and winner lists in IG stories. It gathers lots of interest in your business.

11. Behind the Scenes:

Everyone likes taking a glimpse behind the scenes.

How are your products made? What does your workspace look like? How do you go about becoming creative?

Post a video of the people that work behind the scenes in an Instagram story. You can use it to ensure transparency and credibility in your business.

Tips for your Instagram stories: 

Be real :

The Audience likes to see the stories and being true to your brand voice is important.

There are various ways to be more authentic on Instagram like struggles of owning a business, and step-by-step procedures of “how-to”.

For example, skincare routine, recipes or organizing things. When you post such stories which are authentic, you may sense the natural response to promote the content among their own followers.


Utilizing hashtags in Instagram stories may invite people who aren’t already following you.

Use hashtags and new features in the Instagram stories that help in maximizing the reach to interact with the target audience.

Use highlight options:

It is better to make use of “highlight” in your profile.

In this way, the story you posted can remain on your profile and allows your audience to revisit their favourite content until you choose to delete them.

New features, new opportunities:

Instagram features benefit creators and brands.

Try new stickers, features, and technologies that can increase your engagement.

And, now Instagram focuses on more creativity and releases new trends and updates on reels recently. 

Estimate the views on your IG story:

Remember that the opening IG story in a series is crucial. A strong hook will increase the number of views.

Build a layout or design that connects your brand voice to see what performs best.

Avoid posting too frequently and losing followers.

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